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When we ship your customer's order, we create and e-mail a return label to your customer. If s/he wants to return a product, s/he needs to print out the return label and stick it ON the package that they are returning. This is very important, because if the return label is not ON the package, the package will not be delivered to us.

When returning, please ensure that the item(s) are in their original conditions and they should not smell or be worn outside. The package and if there is any, standard accessories of a product should be included without any damage in the package that you are returning and the product(s) should be in a position to sell again in the market (without any damage, dirt or being fixed).

We also include a return form in the package. Please ask your customers to fill out the form and put it IN the package.

When we receive the package, we will contact you immediately and resolve the issue.


If you have any further questions, please contact us.



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